CGI Czech Republic and CGI Slovakia are not indifferent to the current situation, that is why we have decided to help medical and emergency services to fight COVID-19. We realize that the medical staff members are the key people and are the ones in the front line and often they do not mind overtimes, just to take care of all of us in need of their healthcare.

We have decided to offer our support to the Motol University Hospital in Prague and to the University Hospital in Bratislava. Our help is focused on workplaces where COVID-19 teams operate and where health professionals test for the presence of coronavirus and treat the patients.

Based on the specific needs of the Hospitals and upon our discussions with their representatives, we have identified appropriate donations such as: several sets of walkie-talkies to improve communication at the workplaces, transmitter batteries, coffee machines including coffee capsules, thermo mugs, energy drinks, bottled water, fruits, snacks and some other items.