Be rewarded

At CGI, we view our professionals as company owners who participate in the growth of the company and also reap the benefits of their ownership. Two key ways CGI members are rewarded as owners are through our share purchase and profit participation plans. Members also enjoy leave entitlements, night shift differential, and a provident fund.

Share Purchase Plan

A set percentage of your salary can be invested in CGI shares, and CGI matches your contribution dollar for dollar, up to a set maximum.

Profit Participation Plan

This plan distributes a portion of our profits to members based on the achievement of CGI’s financial objectives, as well as individual performance.

Leave entitlement

In addition to 15 sick leave credits, you will be entitled to a yearly increase in vacation days after your first year at CGI. This is applicable until your fifth year, up to a maximum of 20 vacation days.

Night shift differential

You can earn an additional 10% of your hourly rate for each hour of work between 10pm and 6am of the following day.

Provident Fund

Receive a retirement fund as early as your thirteenth month in the company.

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Be heard

We believe in building strong relationships with members by listening to what they have to say. Two annual programs we have designed to foster dialogue and support timely action plans are:

Member Satisfaction Assessment Program 

You will regularly meet one-on-one with your manager to discuss your career growth and satisfaction, and how to improve it.

Member Consultation

This annual program solicits member input on CGI's strategic goals and invites suggestions on how to better serve our clients and grow our business.

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Be recognized

One of CGI’s key leadership principles is for leaders to recognize the value of others and give credit for their team members' accomplishments. We celebrate and reward the contributions of our colleagues through a variety of global programs such as:

  • The Builders Award

  • Seniority Recognition Program

  • APPLAUD peer-to-peer e-recognition platform

In addition, in the Philippines, our Outstanding Awards program recognizes the achievements and contributions of individual members, teams, and leaders.

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Be well

CGI invests in promoting the health and well-being of our members through a range of programs and activities, including the following:


Oxygen, our global health and wellness program, is made up of a multidisciplinary team of health experts who support our members in their efforts to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Member Assistance Program

We provide free and confidential access to information, solutions and support from professionals to help members address a wide variety of challenges in life.

Social clubs

CGI encourages members to get together to build relationships through social clubs. These clubs receive financial support from CGI and organize a wide range of social activities for members, including family-oriented activities.

HMO coverage with acclaimed hospitals and clinics

Upon hiring, you will be entitled to health coverage and subsidized health coverage for your dependents.

Group life insurance

As a CGI member, you will receive insurance coverage to protect against financial loss due to injury, illness, accidents or death.

CGI also is committed to ensuring a safe work environment through the prevention of workplace incidences that pose a risk of physical harm, as well as incidences of workplace harassment and violence.

More information on local programs is available on our country careers sites.

For details on job opportunities and instructions on how to apply for positions in CGI, please visit our Careers FAQ page.