Delivering valuable business insights

At CGI, we believe that successful enterprises in the digital world combine a customer-centric culture with the pursuit of operational excellence. Digital enablers such as cloud computing, advanced analytics, social media, mobility and the Internet of Things touch everything from the very core of mission-critical systems and processes, to the billions of devices used by consumers and citizens. All of these enablers require availability of data along with the capacity to consume, process and analyze that data to produce valuable business insights.

Advanced analytics is an umbrella term for the broad area of technology and applications related to getting business value from data, ranging from traditional data warehousing and reporting, to predictive and prescriptive analytics based on all relevant data and content. 

Data2Diamonds is CGI’s methodology for design and implementation of big data analytics solutions. The essential idea is that data contains valuable insights (“diamonds”) that can produce business improvements when put to work. The more high-quality data you can access, and the better you can analyze it, the greater the potential for value.

Our approach comes from decades of experience implementing systems that derive value from data. The high-level principles of Data2Diamonds are:

  • Collaboration – understanding and bridging the business domain and the technical side of data and systems
  • Evolutionary approach – pursuing big data opportunities while safeguarding existing investments
  • User experience – recognizing that users will adopt what they can use and what brings them value
  • Agility – being highly adaptive to changing business environments and user needs
  • Sustainability – providing service levels beyond business expectations against affordable cost levels.