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Providing secure, reliable data access in remote locations

Oil and gas companies are seeking more than just conventional process improvement. As the portfolio mix shifts to unconventional sources, and operating costs continue to rise, industry experts predict that mobility will be the next real game changer for increasing the bottom line. CGI’s X2R MDC solution gives field operators the ability to electronically capture and verify facility data in the field.

Solution overview

CGI’s X2R MDC is a multi-device, auto-synchronizing solution that provides secure, reliable data access in remote work locations. Its real-time feedback supports on-site operational decisions to reduce well operation costs and optimize workforce utilization.

This innovative mobile production volume data capture and validation solution offers bi-directional communication with any enterprise production volume reporting (PVR) or hydrocarbon accounting system, eliminating redundant administrative activities.

It improves the quality of data capture by using a comprehensive business rules engine that facilitates data validation and also provides the flexibility to create custom validation rules.

Local storage and auto synchronization provide the flexibility to function in either a fully connected or fully disconnected mode. The safe-data feature ensures that no data loss occurs even if devices are powered down unexpectedly.

Key features of X2R MDC include:

  • Built for Microsoft® Windows 7 and 8 devices
  • Local storage
  • Auto synchronization
  • Functional in fully connected or fully disconnected environments
  • Configurable business rules engine
  • Ability to view recent historical trends at the well location in real time
  • GPS functionality for automatic navigation to well screen.

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Download the X2R MDC fact sheet.