The industry's leading rating and underwriting rules engine

Ratabase* is the industry's leading insurance rating and underwriting software. Ratabase's proven functionality, scalability and flexible technology empower carriers to quickly deploy extremely complex rating programs and product segmentation in a fraction of the time and cost of other options. Ratabase has nearly 100 client implementations at carriers with $75 million to $20+ billion in direct written premiums, across all lines of business for both Personal and Commercial, and in all 50 states

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Our latest release, Ratabase 8, provides innovative functionality, productivity gains and operational efficiency—along with a simplified user experience—all while maintaining the proven performance and scalability of Ratabase. Read more about Ratabase 8. 

Ratabase supports the manual creation of rates as well as ISO's Electronic Rating Content in the U.S.  In 2013, CGI earned the ISO Associate Alliance designation, meaning that CGI has successfully demonstrated integration with ISO's Electronic Rating Content.

To help licensed Ratabase clients improve the price modeling process, CGI has launched a high-end consulting service, Ratabase Prime. Ratabase Prime will help insurers solve the price modeling challenges they face today by enabling them to standardize product specifications, consolidate applications, establish a common data definition, and improve speed to market.

When coupled with the power of the Ratabase solution, Ratabase Prime can help your team win in the race against the competition.

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* Ratabase®  is a registered trademark of CGI Group, Inc.