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Kentucky’s two major utilities, Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Company (KU), perform well among U.S. utilities for operational efficiency. Staying at the forefront of electric distribution performance requires hard work and smart decisions. After careful evaluation of the options, LG&E and KU selected CGI’s Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Work Manager solution to help raise their performance even higher as part of their Reaching Higher project.

Compound challenges

LG&E serves 321,000 natural gas and 400,000 electric customers in Louisville, Kentucky, and 16 surrounding counties. KU serves 543,000 electric customers in 77 Kentucky counties and five Virginia counties. With a large and diverse customer base, the utilities decided to upgrade their work management solution. Their legacy solutions were no longer supported, and additional company changes provided the opportunity to re-evaluate their work management future.

Looking for standardization across the corporate footprint, along with a solution that would easily adapt to their new service oriented architecture (SOA) platform, a move to CGI’s ARM Work Manager provided an ideal opportunity to use the situation to create a new work management platform for the future.

“We felt CGI’s ARM was the best solution for our staff and customers,” said Chris Mayes, Operations Manager, Kentucky Utilities Company.

The solution

After careful assessment, LG&E and KU determined the best solution was a combination of CGI’s ARM Work Manager and Scheduler applications. This solution closely resembled the trusted STORMS/iScheduler implementation that had helped both utilities achieve and maintain superior operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. ARM Work Manager and Scheduler also provided additional features that would ease the transition process for employees training to use a new system.  

CGI worked with LG&E and KU to migrate all operational data from STORMS to ARM and to ensure the ARM applications provided features and functions from the legacy solution. These efforts were key contributors to the high levels of performance demonstrated by LG&E and KU.

The results

The Reaching Higher project’s move to production at LG&E and KU was an extremely smooth process and demonstrates what can be achieved with a strong corporate vision, a dedicated utility workforce, a solution specifically designed for the challenges, and a combined team working together as one.