Driving efficiency, agility and digital transformation

Realizing the full value of IoT requires a business-led approach that focuses on creating financial benefit and competitive advantage. CGI’s approach guides you through the steps involved, and helps you define and achieve your IoT objectives.

It starts with discovery workshops and inspire sessions that show you what’s possible and focus on specific business challenges. Business-driven pilots then prove the value of the technology, delivered in a manner that can scale up to meet the needs of a production deployment when successful. Insights from initial pilots can help to identify where further value can be derived from additional data sources and other devices. These can then be built in and scaled.

This iterative approach helps you develop a tailored roadmap that closely involves your people as it’s rolled out. The high-level steps include:

  • Identify use cases that will impact the business.   
  • Identify the data you need and information you already collect.
  • Pilot using CGI’s IoT framework.
  • Generate new insights to create new business value.
  • Increase number of “things.”
  • Expand by adding new devices, assets, data and functionality.


  • A market leader with award-winning solutions across both the commercial  and public sector
  • Commercial off-the-shelf, scalable and integrated services 
  • Network of partners to help foster innovation and to ensure we provide a best-of-breed solution
  • Cross-industry expertise—IoT should be considered in line with a wider digital transformation strategy
  • Rapid development and deployment, reducing your time to market
  • Expertise across legacy and digital environments that uniquely enables us to help clients at every point in their digital transformation journeys