This overview covers trends, business drivers and best practices for delivering a digital customer experience that exceeds customer expectations in a digital world. It’s part of our digital transformation series.

CGI deploys a structured approach to help our clients think differently about their customers and citizens to achieve a customer-centric perspective.

Our approach:

  • Delivers a vision and roadmap for digital enablers across customer experience, analytics, social media, mobility and IoT, adapted according to client needs, digital maturity and mission-critical systems and processes
  • Deploys customer experience maturity assessments to critically assess existing capabilities and realities, comparing organizations with competitors and best practices
  • Balances front-end customer demand driven agility, with back-end integration, compliance and security, facilitating innovative and business value enhancing services anytime, anywhere, anyhow
  • Applies insight and practical experience, encouraging dialogue across operational silos, engendering a data-driven culture and discipline across the organization