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A digital organization is one that blends business strategy with technologies across all platforms and devices to better serve its customers/citizens end-to-end.

In a business climate marked by constant change and increasing economic and competitive pressures, today’s business leaders are looking for accelerators to transform their business and drive shareholder value. In addition, clients are facing increasing costs in running their IT legacy platforms reducing their “capacity to invest” in a business environment where revenues are under constant pressure. At the same time, they stated the “urgency to change” varies widely whether in IT or in the business. IT priorities are to modernize and simplify legacy platforms to reduce the IT run spend.

CGI’s POC is generally a six to eight weeks exercise.

Through this POC the client and CGI:

  • Conduct a confidential process involving two or three client and CGI senior representatives with access to the data available at the client
  • Provide an evaluation and validation of the client’s IT organization and alignment with its business value
  • Engage in discussions regarding the Future State approach and transformation strategies and roadmap towards building a digital organization driving growth
  • Present a value-based partnership offer and CGI’s commitment to the client’s executives including continued savings and investments