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The medical record solution for the next generation of healthcare

Using best-in-class enterprise content management technology, CGI’s Sovera HIM solution provides clients with a complete, web-based digital records management system, resulting in increased staff productivity, improved customer service and enterprise-wide accessibility. Its highly scalable architecture allows you to manage multiple facilities and large volumes of patient information simultaneously. Sovera HIM is used by more than 150 hospitals to manage 6+ billion images daily.

Access information anytime, anywhere

Physicians and their staff—many in multiple locations—require immediate, simultaneous access to patient charts. Without complete chart accessibility, health systems face delays in clinical decisions, chart completion and billing. Sovera HIM provides immediate, secure, web-based access to all patient medical records. Whether you need access to lab, clinical, transcription or radiology records, Sovera HIM delivers them on demand, integrated with your core clinical information system or other healthcare applications.

Integrate with EMR systems and more

Using our service oriented architecture (SOA) and HL7 standards for communication, your organization can seamlessly integrate your EMR System with Sovera HIM. Patient data stored within Sovera HIM—e.g., unstructured information and images generally not stored in the EMR—can be displayed seamlessly to end users via the EMR. In addition, Sovera HIM and the EMR can be integrated to communicate more complex patient transactions such as chart deficiencies and inquiries that are often communicated between physicians and HIM staff as medical records are reviewed and evaluated.

Many healthcare systems also provide a portal that allows end users to quickly and easily get to the task at hand. Sovera HIM is able to push information to a portal to notify users about when and how much work needs to be addressed and provides easy access to the application via single sign-on capability.

Sovera’s integration framework allows for the import and export of electronic content at the front-end (GUI) and back-end.