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CGI CommunityCare360 HealthCenter puts healthcare monitoring in the palm of your hand, with the exact information needed to make decisions. This web-based mobile health platform empowers patients with long-term conditions to monitor their personal health data. It supports cross-provider pathways where healthcare professionals can create and maintain care pathways like chronic disease plans (COPD, diabetes, heart condition) tailored to the patient’s condition. Updates on the patient’s progress can be accessed by the healthcare professionals, who all have access to the same interface. They can assess the current measurement data and also use the system to communicate with the patient directly through email messaging or video call.


CGI CommunityCare360 HealthCenter defines a new platform for patient and clinician engagement:

  • Patient and care providers are empowered through improved communication and access to health data; leading to improved decision making involvement
  • Supports collaboration between sectors for fully integrated care pathways
  • Collection and availability of data outside of the traditional care setting
  • Reduction of cost through systems standardization and consolidation
  • Reduced readmission rates.