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CGI’s Asset & Resource Management (ARM) 2 analytics and spatial solutions for complex decision making enhances your effectiveness by visualizing your work and asset data in the context of your spatial solution. The product offerings include: 

CGI Performance Manager provides pre-packaged analytics developed from CGI’s experience and best practices managing assets, work and resources. These industry-standard metrics can be utilized with minimal IT support and can be supplemented with customer-generated metrics in their choice of reporting technology.

Benefits and highlights

  • Offers a single business analytics solution to provide key metrics in support of transmission and distribution (T&D) operations

  • Establishes current baselines, identifies specific trends and allows proactive decisions

  • Allows deployment within the client’s choice of reporting technology, thereby eliminating expensive duplication of tools

  • Provides customizable ETLs that enable interoperability within the existing technology landscape

  • Ensures real-time transfers from operational data stores using Oracle GoldenGate

  • Provides compatibility with all future ARM releases

Spatial provides embedded spatial views that enable GIS and ARM 2 sourced data to be overlaid on web-based maps. Interaction between the maps viewer and ARM 2 allows you to perform spatial queries and extract spatial data to provide the analysis and understanding of your distributed assets with respect to work.

Benefits and highlights

  • Reduce the need to switch between the geographical information system (GIS) and ARM

  • Enable improved linear asset management

  • Geocode data

  • Enhance ARM support for situational awareness

  • Increase accountability within the work execution function

  • Enable refinements to be identified to the scheduling algorithms

  • Reduce the likelihood of reputational damage

  • Use spatial resource management analysis to provide insight into schedule adherence

  • Overlay data from other maps/systems (weather data, parking information)