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From service work and inspection to complex construction tasks, CGI’s Asset & Resource Management 2 (ARM) mobile workforce management solution provides the mobile functionality to support all work, enabling true process and workforce unification. It includes the following product offerings:


Field Manager captures and returns quality data for all work, including emergency situations, customer service, asset and maintenance (procedure-based) work, or construction (compatible unit-based), right out of the box. This platform completes work through a mobile reporting function that enforces standardization of the work execution process.


  • Streamlined business processes lower cost by capturing the right data
  • Improved data quality through validation at the point of data entry
  • Enhanced customer service through improved visibility of work status and provision of real-time optimization based on in-day scheduling constraints
  • Reduced cost of ownership by utilizing the integrated framework that provides out-of-the-box integration to ARM
  • Support for the standalone deployment of Field Manager with standard messages that provide key information to/ from external support systems
  • A field supervisor component allows monitoring of work statuses, as-built information, and crews while in the field for improved quality assurance and adherence to processes


This web-based mobile solution extends the power of enterprise workforce management to resources in the field, on any device, with zero deployment.


  • Allows for the creation of work and capturing of work details from the field
  • Incorporates spatial capabilities to review crew and work locations, reducing traveling time and increasing productivity
  • Supports offline capabilities that offer functionality anywhere, anytime— enabling effective field service
  • Remains highly customizable with the use of custom forms
  • Offers multiple configuration options for different operating systems

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