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John Nemoto

As a senior cloud and cybersecurity expert, John brings over 25 years of experience implementing mission critical systems in the public and private sector. He has been responsible for the development, delivery and operations of cloud- and security-based solutions for CGI. He has played a key role in successful modernization and transformation projects across multiple agencies within U.S. federal, state and local governments. John joined CGI in 1996.

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Reduce the noise to strengthen agency cybersecurity defenses

June 25, 2021 "Noise"—the enormous volume of network traffic—makes it hard to spot security risks. A comprehensive cybersecurity framework helps reduce the noise so anomalies become apparent.

A phased strategy toward the hybrid cloud

May 7, 2019 Any shift to a new IT architecture is difficult. Migrating to a hybrid cloud may be one of the most challenging moves, given the vast number of legacy processes and services that an agency must reconcile or reposition across multiple commercial cloud environments. Want to make it even harder ...

Why cloud migration is still hard for federal agencies

June 8, 2018 The cloud is everywhere. Every organization is either in it, moving to it or considering how to get to it. With the ongoing push for digital transformation, many federal agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations see the cloud as their gateway to achieving complex, innovative ...