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Will LaBar

Will has nearly 20 years of experience in the IT industry, specializing in transforming government by implementing digital and citizen-centric services designed to streamline information sharing among stakeholders, increase engagement and enable mission support while reducing regulatory burden. His work also includes interagency and federal/state data exchanges that span domain areas such as e-government, mobile, digital user experience, geographic information systems, advanced data monitoring, data analytics, smart and connected communities, open data and the Internet of Things.

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Transforming Lafayette together: A public-private partnership in action

March 21, 2019 Editor’s note: As part of our series spotlighting our onshore delivery centers, we reached out to a handful of the CGI members featured in our new videos. We asked them to share their experiences and expand on the story you see on screen. In this post, Vice President of Consulting Services, Will ...

Building smarter communities through public-private collaboration

September 13, 2017 LEaRN is a smart community initiatives that pairs Louisiana Consolidated Government with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and CGI. LEaRN is working to deploy 300 low-cost air quality sensors as part of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Smart City Air Challenge. It is also using this ...