The CGI Credit Management Conference Showcase is your opportunity to explore CGI’s wide range of solutions and services. CGI sponsors and partners are also part of the Showcase. These best-of-breed solution providers supplement CGI’s offerings to ensure we address the depth and breadth of our clients’ credit and default management needs. Stop by to learn how your organization can optimize its capabilities with current and new offerings.*

CGI Solution table

CGI Solution/Offering Name

CGI Solution/Offering Description

ACAPS® Enterprise ACAPS® Enterprise is a comprehensive, on-line, instant response system that supports the capture, investigation, approval, closing, documentation, and booking of credit applications. ACAPS Enterprise features automated credit scoring, credit bureau report retrieval, automated document preparation, indirect lending support, and accounting system integration.
BureauLink® Enterprise BureauLink® Enterprise is a parameter-driven, on-line system designed to handle the communication interfaces necessary for automated credit bureau report retrieval. In a standalone environment or used in conjunction with another system (e.g., the Automated Credit Application Processing System - ACAPS® Enterprise), BureauLink Enterprise offers a comprehensive solution to credit bureau interface requirements.
CACS® Enterprise CGI’s market leading solution, architected to support end-to-end Collections, Recovery and Recovery Accounting in a single, unified application. CACS has the advanced workflow features necessary to maximize the effectiveness of an organizations collections treatments and optimize the deployment of agents to effectively manage third parties (allowing third parties to work directly from the system) and support compliant collection activities.
CACS® Enterprise Recovery Accounting Part of CGI’s CACS Enterprise collections and recovery system, CACS Recovery Accounting subsystem supports general accounting functions with specialized extensions for recovery activity including judgment processing, bankruptcy plan accounting, tracking of on-and-off ledger costs, credit bureau reporting, and whole asset sales.
CGI Gateway360® CGI Gateway360 is a fully managed solution that provides a single gateway to third-party credit data and information services. With CGI Gateway360, organizations gain access to a diverse set of credit information capabilities allowing them to make better, faster decisions based on more accurate and up-to-date information.
CGI Notify For organizations seeking to automate the delivery of SMS (text), voice and email messages to internal or external audiences, CGI Notify is a cost-effective interactive service for sending and receiving such notifications.
CGI OnCue360 CGI OnCue360 is a mobile regulatory enforcement and field data collection solution that enables organizations to improve decision making and workforce productivity.
Strata® Enterprise CGI’s Strata is a decision rules management system used by organizations worldwide that empowers business users with multiple methods for rule authoring and testing to evaluate, measure and improve customer treatment strategies.
Web Promises® CGI's Web Promises is a web agent fully integrated with CACS to faciliatate agent-less collection activity. Web Promises gives consumers a comfortable avenue to make promises and complete other collections business transactions - leading to increased collections effectivemness and lowering the cost to collect.

*List is not comprehensive and subject to change. Additional products and services may be available onsite.