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A proven system built for regulatory compliance

Meeting regulatory compliance obligations in a global business environment has never been more challenging. Product stewardship and regulatory compliance activities continue to grow for chemical manufacturers, suppliers and users around the world, directly impacting a company’s risk exposure and competitive position.

Companies that produce and/or handle hazardous materials must comply with ever-evolving chemical control and hazard communication regulations throughout the world. REACH, CLP and U.S. HazCom 2012 are in the midst of implementation, additional countries are progressing with GHS adoption, and updates to the United Nation’s GHS Purple Book continue. To meet demands for real-time e-commerce and supply chain collaboration, chemical buyers seek technologies and trading partners capable of supporting the electronic exchange of chemical data and regulatory documents.

CGI’s ProSteward360, developed and maintained in partnership with industry leaders, is a global solution to help companies addresss these regulatory and supply chain pressures, and keep pace with growing demand in compliance activities. It enables streamlined product stewardship and product life-cycle management processes to comply with hazard communication regulations. It allows companies to manage a wide range of chemical, regulatory, toxicology and product data, as well as create and distribute hazard communication documents to comply with regulatory and business requirements. Its sophisticated rules engine supports all country-specific adoptions of the GHS and REACH.