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Expert guidance for transitioning to cloud-enabled hybrid IT environments

Understanding how to maximize the value of cloud solutions and how to assimilate those solutions into your current environment, requires the expert guidance of an experienced IT partner.

For most enterprises, rising IT run costs are reducing the investments needed to transform into more agile, modern digital enterprises. CGI’s hybrid IT strategy and transformation consulting services are the first step in reducing cost, complexity, and risk. Cloud strategy and transformation services enable organizations to maximize utilization and improve security, empowered by clear direction on the best-fit approach.

As a full-service cloud provider with front-line experience in migrating, managing and governing cloud services globally, we help clients answer the "what" "how" "why" and "when" of transitioning to a cloud-enabled hybrid IT environment.

Our consulting services include:

  • Cloud strategy & roadmap formation – CGI experts provide guidance and planning around strategy, applications, data and infrastructure for the transition to a cloud-enabled hybrid IT environment.  We help clients align business and technical requirements, document key measures of cloud adoption success and create a tailored roadmap to move forward. We employ proven tools and frameworks to enable enterprise transformation adoption including:

    • CGI Unify360 Portfolio Manager to capture and aggregate enterprise information.
    • CGI Unify360 Code Analyzer to analyze application source code to determine best fit for cloud migration.
  • Cloud readiness assessment – CGI helps clients analyze their current applications to determine cloud suitability. Together, we look at workloads (entire portfolios or individual applications), then prepare a best-fit cloud infrastructure solution recommendation for each. For legacy applications, we discuss the re-architecture and costs associated. We outline cloud service provider (CSP) offerings based upon cloud migration cost, risk and effort. The cloud readiness assessment enables planning, migration and management of the hybrid IT ecosystem transition.
  • Application modernization & rationalization – Using CGI tools and methodologies, our experts help organizations assess legacy portfolios and applications when transitioning to the cloud. Our application modernization and rationalization process reduces redundancy, eliminating aging and obsolete technology. Our approach aligns with the hybrid IT ecosystem architecture and improves systems interoperability.
    • Our experts employ data collection and analytical tools including CGI Unify360 Portfolio Manager and other third-party tools to recommend which applications can be migrated directly to the cloud, which should be rebuilt, which should be replaced (perhaps with a SaaS model), and which should remain as-is.
    • We leverage CGI Unify360 Code Analyzer to analyze source code, identifying and helping to resolve technical inhibitors to cloud migration.
  • Migration & transformation – CGI delivers end-to-end services in planning and executing cloud migration—from a single system to the enterprise—to any cloud target.

Key benefits:

  • Full understanding of the business and technology aspects of cloud computing
  • Outline of the risks, benefits and implications of cloud computing to your specific organization
  • Expert advice and recommendations on cloud computing adoption
  • Clear transition roadmap
  • Full implementation and transition support
  • Maximum return on investment with minimal risk