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An end-to-end global trade solution

CGI Trade360 delivers all of the software, infrastructure and support resources necessary to power a bank’s global trade business. Delivered as a software as a service (SaaS), CGI Trade360 enables banks to provide the full range of traditional trade, payables, receivables and cash management services to their customers—anywhere, anytime—on a single, integrated and global platform.



CGI Trade360 features and benefits

The CGI Trade360 platform is built uniquely for multi-bank, multi-currency and multi-time zone processing. It’s comprised of a corporate portal, an efficient back-office trade processing system with sophisticated imaging and workflow, an advanced reporting utility, and an XML-based integration architecture.

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CGI Trade360

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Benefits delivered by CGI Trade360

Significant efficiency gains and savings of at least 30% by leveraging efficient workflows, processing rules, scalable operations and low-cost locations, as well as a shared services infrastructure.

Faster time to market through automatic functionality upgrades that eliminate costly upgrade projects; new releases are instantly available across your trade business globally.

24/7 availability through a secure private/community cloud that offers maximum flexibility to support current and evolving operating models and eliminates technology constraints that often prevent banks from entering new markets and offering new services.

Superior reporting through comprehensive and real-time reporting, including standard, customized and ad hoc reports.



Explore components of CGI Trade360

CGI Trade360 API's

CGI Trade360 APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are a valuable and strategic business tool for trade finance companies. APIs give an organization access to data and functions and make both available for general use across the enterprise.

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Business person viewing banking trade data on multiple screens

CGI Trade360 Global Trade Banking

CGI Trade360 was built by trade finance experts to provide a platform that empowers a truly global trade business, eliminating fragmented customer service, inefficient operations and a lack of visibility.

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CGI Trade360 Portal

CGI Trade360 offers a common global platform that is configurable to meet local standards, while maintaining bank-wide prescribed standards of service, along with a fully synchronized portal that delivers a seamless customer experience.

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Comprehensive learning platform for the City of Vantaa

CGI Trade360 Collateral Management

With CGI Trade360, the bank is able to provide end-to-end structured/commodity finance deals to support trade and finance products using complex collateral structures.

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2020 CGI Client Global Insights for Capital Markets

CGI Trade360 Services

CGI Trade360 enables the bank to leverage efficient workflows, processing rules, scalable operations and low-cost locations for significant efficiency gains and savings of at least 30 percent.

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Centre d'excellence supply chain

CGI Trade360 Payables

CGI Trade360 offers solutions for meeting emerging buyer-centric supply chain finance needs. With CGI Trade360, you can significantly streamline your customers’complex payables

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Mann zeigt viel Geld in die Kamera und steckt sich weiteres Geld in Jackentasche

CGI Trade360 Cash Management

Enable cash management across the globe. CGI Trade360 uniquely provides seamless front-to-back processing for trade and cash management, giving customers a seamless experience.

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CGI Trade360 Receivables

With CGI Trade360, the bank can move beyond traditional products to support a range of seller-centric solutions, including pre-export financing, receivables finance, and integrated receivables.

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HR Payment Solutions

CGI Trade360 Overview (short version)

Get ahead of the curve in global trade finance with CGI Trade360, a fully integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) that starts with your customers in mind.

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