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Over the past few decades, as the volume of data available has grown and the tools to analyze it have become more and more sophisticated, data has become a strategic asset for companies, and increasingly so for the federal government.

By carrying out the same kind of combination and analysis that is common in the private sector, federal agencies have the potential to improve decision-making, and to increase their speed and efficiency in carrying out their missions.

However, this requires seeing the bigger picture contained in the data, which requires filtering through the multiple data sources and ensuring accurate and timely reporting, usually within constrained budget scenarios.

In our new white paper, “Zoom Out: Seeing the big picture in a sea of data,” we look at how agencies can utilize financial data more efficiently in policy, budget planning and operations, acquisition planning and project management and information technology business management. The paper discusses how federal agencies can overcome challenges, offering expert advice on finding much more value in the data they collect.

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