Our solution is designed to cost-effectively address all guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through a modular approach that can be easily tailored to efficiently meet the needs of any state or local public health organization regardless of size. We combine over two decades of healthcare and application development expertise to provide a comprehensive solution that meets you wherever you are in your vaccine management journey.

Modular components

The solution’s components can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of existing system capabilities, including those designed for electronic medical and health records, state and federal immunization registries, and advanced reporting and analytics packages.

Centralized platform

By operating on a singular Salesforce platform, our solution allows you to manage distribution at scale and expedite vaccine administration by integrating functionality for provider vaccine management, public health monitoring, decision-support analytics, and community engagement.

Front line visibility

Designed from decades of experience, our end-to-end solution ensures front line visibility to provide a 360-degree view of the patient’s vaccine administration journey from registration through follow-up.

Designed to scale

A future-proof design allows for additional configurations, adaptations, and integrations to work with any public or private entity ecosystem in providing more comprehensive disease management capabilities for health issues beyond the current pandemic.


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CGI Vax Verification: ensuring a safe workplace for employees

CGI Vax Verification is a secure, feature-rich, practical, and flexible solution that can be deployed quickly to assist employers with vaccine and testing verification regulations.  With the clarity and flexibility of CGI’s Health Cloud platform powered by Salesforce, CGI Vax Verification brings the ability to fast-track your compliance programs. 

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The solution combines over two decades of healthcare and application development expertise with innovative features to provide a comprehensive solution that meets you wherever you are in your vaccine management journey and accelerate your capabilities and readiness to support your constituents’ needs. The CGI Vaccine Management Solution integrates several key services to provide a comprehensive view of a patient’s vaccination journey. These services include:

CGI Vaccine Management Solution Diagram

Patient Registration and Scheduling

Allows residents to self-register as patients, select a location based on available inventory, and schedule appointments, while also enabling providers to determine eligibility and perform health assessments

Vaccine Administration and Record Management

Provides a fully integrated, 360-degree view of the patient’s journey, from registration and vaccine administration to symptom follow-ups, and provides all relevant inventory and dosage details, allowing providers to automatically record, track, and submit CDC-required data

Inventory Management

Supports vaccination supply ordering, inventory management, and demand forecasting, and leverages dynamic forms to track all CDC-required data

Analytics and Monitoring

Provides standardized reporting and applies advanced analytics for equitable vaccine supply allocation and distribution, accurate dosage administration, and effective monitoring of population engagement

Communication and Notifications 

Provides customizable views based on user roles and permissions to share up-to-date information through blog posts, submit patient feedback, facilitate health surveys, and send notifications of upcoming appointments via text and email


Leverages Sense Corp integration expertise to securely and seamlessly transmit data to state immunization registries and the CDC’s Immunization (IZ) Gateway Connect


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