Hosting and application management services pay big dividends to companies ready to break away from “we’ve always done it this way” thinking and dramatically transform their IT practices. Outsourcing the hosting and application management of discrete business functions like debt collections offers a number of business advantages, including greater operational agility, faster time to market, and maximized business results without the risks, distractions and headaches of managing IT processes in-house. It also delivers these important advantages at a 10 to 15 percent lower total cost of ownership.

In a traditional hosting and application management engagement, the client organization outsources control of all or part of IT to a third-party provider. While the concept of outsourcing is not new, the recent shift to a laser focus on using IT outsourcing for application-by-application value creation is incredibly important. Service levels go up while the client’s monthly support expenditures go down. The client can then use the savings to invest in innovative new product and service offerings, new market entry or expansion, and other more strategic business pursuits and optimization activities.