The volume of unstructured information, including documents, web pages, social media and emails is exploding, challenging agencies to deliver the right information, at the right time to the right people in a compliant and secure manner. Technical advances in cloud storage, mobility and analytics are providing agencies unprecedented opportunity to meet compliance mandates and transform the way content is accessed, collected and managed.

For agencies requiring enhanced content and records management capabilities to deliver information, maintain compliance, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce costs, CGI provides expert ECRM solutions based on cutting-edge industry capabilities.

Key benefits

Our ECRM solutions transform business processes, improve citizen outcomes via case management, solve risk and compliance challenges, and accelerate efficiency and agility with cloud and mobile solutions.

  • Regulatory compliance - Comply with the Presidential Managing Government Records Directive deadlines, Federal Records Act, Freedom of Information Act, and eDiscovery mandates.
  • Strategy alignment - Implement ECRM solutions that align with agency modernization, customer service, cost saving and strategic business initiatives.
  • Business optimization - Optimize business operations and customer responsiveness by streamlining and accelerating essential business processes through workflow automation, digitization and business application integration.
  • Secure storage - Implement ECRM and content storage in compliance with federal security standards. Balance ease of access with information security control.
  • Content mobility - Enable secure content access and collaboration for a mobile workforce, anywhere on any device, including smart phones and tablets.