Enterprises are going cloud native to harness the innovation and efficiency of the cloud in delivering applications to their customers. Time is of the essence in a competitive marketplace, and it takes more than a simple lift-and-shift to modernize. We partner with enterprises to deliver cloud-native application portfolio strategy and transformation at speed and at scale.

What is cloud native?

Cloud native applications are built to take full advantage of the scalability and distributed features of the cloud. Cloud native platforms enable rapid application development and deployment using cloud infrastructure, while also providing the robust scalability, health monitoring and dynamic provisioning required for web-scale operations.

With a portfolio of applications, where do you start?

Organizations must digitally transform to compete with the speed of today’s marketplace and customer demands. With hundreds of applications to modernize, where do you start? Organizations must first assess their application portfolio to prioritize which applications to focus on, then develop a modernization strategy that allows enterprises to leverage cloud native applications at scale. CGI has the talent, scale, partnerships, and end-to-end services to help our clients link cloud-native solutions with legacy systems to succeed with their digital transformation efforts.