Enabling mission-focused testing

SimpliTest, CGI’s open source, automated testing tool, empowers non-technical, business-focused stakeholders to develop their own automated tests through easy-to-follow acceptance test scripts written in plain English. 

As federal agencies look to become more agile and DevOps-focused, teams face a number of legacy software testing challenges which inhibit productivity and innovation. Automated testing solutions can address a number of delivery issues by removing the burden of rewriting old code to provide new functionality, as well as reducing costly, manual testing and human error. However, these tools can be expensive to purchase and maintain, and technical experts are often needed to develop scripts.

SimpliTest overcomes these barriers and helps organizations create living documentation that acts as both acceptance criteria and test scripts to prevent defects and reduce dependence on testers who are technical. Free and available for anyone to use, SimpliTest was created from the best features of multiple open source products—like Selenium, Cucumber, Gherkin and Ruby—integrated into a single application. SimpliTest defines, controls, executes and reports tests, guiding the user through the testing process, establishing acceptance criteria before any development work begins, and ensuring quality always comes first.

Agencies need solutions that will help them accomplish their missions on time and within budget, while continuously improving their ability to connect with citizens digitally and offering them high-quality digital services. SimpliTest: 

  • Simplifies automation
  • Decreases cost footprint
  • Promotes development alignment
  • Supports cross-functional teams
  • Increases testing efficiency
  • Prevents defects