Private, public and community clouds—and almost anything “as a service.” The range of options for IT service delivery mix is greater than ever. In response, the market is moving to hybrid solutions customized for each organization’s needs. Often what’s missing, however, is a holistic strategy and the visibility required to get there.

CGI Unify360 provides a single management platform for operations, brokerage, governance and security of on-premises and cloud-based IT services, backed by expert consulting to maximize IT portfolios for better service and competitive advantage.

Key features of Unify360 include:

  • Expert guidance. From identifying current assets, including “shadow IT,” to assessing cloud readiness and guiding application rationalization or refactoring, Unify360 offers expert advice and roadmaps to optimize hybrid IT architectures and migrations.
  • Hybrid IT management platform. Our common Unify360 platform for brokering, acquiring, operating, securing and governing all elements of a hybrid IT universe enables a “single pane of glass” view into spend, service availability, performance, security and compliance postures. The Unify360 platform aggregates billing and chargeback across cloud and legacy IT assets and delivers greater asset utilization through automation and standardization.
  • Reliable service integration and management. Our global 24x7 management and integration services include IT service management, service desk, managed security, brokerage and multi-vendor management.
  • Right cloud for the work. CGI’s strategy is to help clients use virtually any cloud or combination (whether private, public or community, and almost anything “as a service”) to realize business value. Private clouds on client premises or in CGI data centers, public clouds like Microsoft Azure and AWS and legacy IT can be integrated and managed effectively.

Key benefits of CGI Unify360 include:

  • Lower risk
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Greater business-IT alignment