Streamlined, centralized timekeeping 

Today’s federal agencies are seeking to streamline processes, increase compliance and capture accurate data. Momentum Timekeeping centrally manages timekeeping activities by offering the flexibility to establish agency-specific timekeeping rules and automating the submission and approval workflow of timesheets and leave requests.

Momentum Timekeeping allows users to record, approve, view leave balances and electronically submit leave requests, eliminating the need for paper-based processes. Momentum Timekeeping promotes data accuracy by enforcing standard system edits resulting in reduced time to reconcile employee timesheets and payroll data. Momentum Timekeeping’s robust design enables interfaces with federal payroll, financial, personnel, budgeting and financial data warehousing systems. The solution can support thousands of simultaneous online users.

Momentum Timekeeping features include:

  • Automated timesheet processing – simplifies and automates the entire timesheet creation, validation and management process

  • Convenient notification and access for review and management of time – provides supervisors and managers with easy access to employee timesheets for review and management

  • Single point of data entry – provides a central location for the input, retrieval, approval and management of leave requests, work and leave time (e.g., annual, sick, compensatory and administrative leave)

  • Better visibility and control over leave requests – enables transparency and reduces paper-based processes

  • Flexible configuration of security policies – protects sensitive employee and timesheet information through the use of a flexible security system designed to support multiple levels of access

  • Ability to use clock hours – records not only total hours by work code and hour type but also the clock times of hours worked, important for determining which hours are eligible for night differential premium, for example

  • Online access to reference data – uses reference data, with convenient search windows, to reduce data entry and maintain the quality and integrity of user-entered information