A cultural shift is occurring in government IT service delivery. Expectations for digital services require rapid delivery of capabilities, frequent updates, scalability and greater security. A commensurate shift to increase collaboration and automation is required to meet these expectations while still adhering to existing requirements.

A number of agencies are adopting a DevOps engineering culture to improve application release agility, enable continuous delivery and increase automation to reduce operational expenses. The combination of software development and operations into a consolidated DevOps team emphasizes collaboration among developers and other IT professionals while automating delivery and infrastructure changes. The goal is to erase the differences of each discipline and improve alignment to mission objectives.

To maximize the efficiencies of DevOps practices, CGI provides comprehensive products and services that improve IT service delivery, including:

  • CGI AgileIQ Suite – an application lifecycle management platform designed to more effectively manage agile software development.
  • CGI Unify360 – a comprehensive hybrid IT management offering to improve IT infrastructure delivery
  • Assessment of existing government application release practices and tools to develop roadmaps to improve automation and enable continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), automated testing and increased cyber security posture