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Why CGI TrustedFabric?

For organizations that want to improve or be proactive about interoperability, strong coordination between stakeholders in the health ecosystem must be a part of a dedicated interoperability strategy. Furthermore, diverse technology needs, budgets and systems must be considered. CGI TrustedFabric can help you realize this vision and capture the promise of interoperability.

It is not centered on a fixed data warehouse framework. Our solution enhances your existing technical infrastructure by enabling data sharing using a secured, blockchain ledger-based cloud solution where the data owner maintains control.

Retain ownership and control of your data

Share data on a need to know basis, not a want to have it basis, enhancing security and reducing unnecessary data movement.




Sharing of data based on consensus, contract, and data governance agreements between trade partners – enforced automatically in the solution.



Full transparency 

Real-time dashboards for all data accesses and denials, providing full audit trails for all reads, updates, and attempts.



Consortium data sharing 

Not a ‘one owner’ solution or one large data store operated by a third party organization. All participants own a piece of the solution, and with that have a say in the governance of the solution. If you are sharing data, you have access to the data. 



Improved data structure 

Unify your organizational data silos without investing millions of dollars in new systems or complicated data warehouses.




Share data externally as needed and without the need to ‘fit’ into a data warehouse solution standard format.



Cost sharing 

Your organization does not have to incur the full expense of the solution. The solution and the data are shared, and the cost can be shared as well.



Future proof 

Unlocks the art of the possible for outcomes by allowing for unlimited expansion to additional data sources.



Trust built in

CGI TrustedFabric facilitates trust, enables transparency by leveraging a common platform for all stakeholders.