Our approach

Our teams are both analytical and creative. They bring clinical and niche domain expertise.

  • Health Analytics: predictive medical, social, and behavioral models inclusive of self-reported data, claims, encounters, and demographics.
  • Medical and Behavioral Care Effectiveness: measuring outcomes associated with interventions. Digital Care Platforms: personalized healthcare programs that enhance member experience.
  • Research-Based Methodology: Institutional Review Board (where applicable) to validate outcomes.
  • Industry leadership: healthcare ecosystem of CGI experts and our external advisory council, clinical innovation center, partner organizations, and leading research experts.

Healthcare Expertise

CGI has a rich history of helping healthcare organizations move towards digital modernization. Our team brings deep domain expertise across:

  • Pandemic Management
  • Digital Intelligence
  • Health Analytics
  • Risk stratification and adjustment
  • Member Programs
  • Care Coordination
  • Quality Measures & Outcomes
  • Government Sponsored Healthcare Programs
  • Payor
  • Provider

Whole-Human Care (WHC) is premised on recognizing that the best way to care for people with complex needs is to consider their full spectrum of healthcare factors – medical, behavioral, socioeconomic, and beyond. Only 20% of improved health outcomes are tied to medical or clinical care contributors – the other 80% occur due to biopsychosocial behaviors. By addressing the 80%, healthcare systems treat the whole individual, resulting in improved outcomes and quality care. 

WHC targets populations with unmet healthcare needs across physical/behavioral health and social services sectors by leveraging modern analytics, which ensures the patient is the center of care innovation and interventions while enabling efficient and effective patient access through the modern digital experience.

To learn more about Whole-Human Care, download the full infographic below.


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whole human care diagram

Advisory services

Medical, Social and Behavioral Care Models

Re-engineer the care model to target where the cost of healthcare really occurs.

Member Experience

Delivering modern, personalized experiences that build member relationships for life.

Care Efficacy/Interventions

Developing innovative delivery models and engagement techniques for personalized, evidence-based interventions that aligns care delivery at the top of the licensure.

Care Management Optimization

Seamlessly apply care management taxonomy across legacy products and systems to identify interventions and proximal outcomes. Leverage advanced analytics and care management processes established in an interconnected healthcare delivery model to serve population health needs.

Modern analytics

Medical, Social and Behavioral Predictive Models

Develop predictive health and behavioral models enhanced with self-reported and social data to target at risk members.

Intra-Program Analytics

Understand proximal outcomes across programs to identify the drivers/levers that drive effective interventions.

Intelligent Queue Management

The procurement of data and the process of transforming it into an intelligent asset used to customize eligibility and messaging.

Novel Data Assets

Seamlessly integrate disparate medical, social, and behavioral health data to deliver fresh insights from new and enriched data assets.

Mindful care services

Mindful Care Solutions

Take a mindful approach with emerging solutions for unmet healthcare needs in areas such as Social and Behavioral Health.

Isolation and Loneliness

CGI offers a metric-driven and structured peer-to-peer program that screens a targeted population for social isolation to identify unmet needs. Learn more.


CGI’s solution provides interventions to reduce caregiver stress and burden through social connections with other caregivers.

Intergenerational Connectivity

At CGI, we are bridging solutions to social isolation and decreased physical activity that include an intergenerational movement program through a Step and Connect partnership.