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Sharing data securely to improve mission delivery

CGI’s SecureDataFabric™ is a specially-designed software platform that provides information seekers with the insights they need while simultaneously allowing data owners to maintain and manage full control.

To transform that data into actionable information, data needs to flow freely, yet securely. Overly-stringent security mechanisms that keep information too tightly contained can impede access, sharing and discovery.

The platform enables efficient data sharing, and discovery of data across and between agencies, networks and  systems, with robust traceability, auditability and discovery with validation access without the need for a centralized single party controlled data repository (integrated data repository or data lake) or for transferring data, which commonly sacrifices data integrity, authority and non-repudiation.

To effectively leverage data as a strategic national asset, agencies must be able to share resources with trusted parties without sacrificing integrity and performance. This requires an effective and efficient method for securing all data elements within the environment -- data discovery, data access and data sharing.

Secure Data Fabric abstract

SecureDataFabric’s Enabling Technology

The solution earns its name from the effects of its core-enabling technologies: Blockchain and attribute-based access control (ABAC). These technologies, when paired together, create a secure data fabric ideal for data sharing, access and discovery across multiple security environments.

The data is controlled at many classification levels and represented in different firms’ intellectual property, which must also be protected. SecureDataFabric’s unique combination of Blockchain and ABAC provides an effective solution, ensuring the organizations that need the information get it – securely, on time, every time.

Agencies today rely on centralized network architectures; the agencies of 2030 will enable distributed applications that rely on edge and cloud computing. This decentralization will require significant evolutions in agencies’ security infrastructures so all users can securely access mission-critical data. To facilitate this, the CGI SecureDataFabric platform can also be applied at the classification domain layer, assisting agencies in managing the CONOPs for access to data that resides across different classification layers.
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Satellites provide communications, timing and navigation for computers, earth observation, weather information, and crucial defense and intelligence information. United States space operators use a variety of data from space- and ground-based sensors, controlled by U.S. and allied governments and private companies to achieve space situational awareness and space traffic management. CGI’s SecureDataFabric™ provides a unique combination of blockchain and ABAC to deliver information securely and effectively to the organizations that need it.
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Data security has traditionally relied on firewalls, secure websites, email gateways and other “point solutions” as primary data protection measures, but those types of appliances are not enough to protect medical data and patients’ personally identifiable information in today's boundary-less world. Numerous privacy laws must be maintained. SecureDataFabric can safeguard the sharing of sensitive data amongst various partners in healthcare. Blockchain maintains the single point of entrance, and ABAC grants access based on specific governance rules dictating who can search, access and discover data.