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Kathleen Turco

Kathleen Turco, director, consulting at CGI, brings deep domain knowledge of federal agency financial matters. Prior to joining CGI, she served as chief financial officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs and the General Services Administration (GSA), and as GSA’s associate administrator for government-wide policy. Her career history also includes positions at the Internal Revenue Service and the Office of Management and Budget.

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Finding the big picture in a sea of data

February 11, 2021 The real power in data is not in any individual data point; it lies in combining of hundreds or thousands of data points from a wide array of sources, revealing patterns and connecting facts.

Building financial management leaders in today's tech world

July 27, 2020 The future of the federal financial management workforce depends on the current generation of government financial management executives shaping the next, just as it always has. However, the emergence of today’s digital culture might raise an unprecedented hurdle.

The Modern Federal CIO: Making the most of new tools

July 2, 2018 Congress and recent presidential administrations have done their part; taken together, IT financial management cost analysis, FITARA and the MGT Act provide federal CIOs with a greater breadth of authority and accountability than they have ever had.