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Since 2010 the County of Los Angeles has hosted the Women's Leadership Conference developed to inspire leadership in us all. History has taught us that the most amazing changes have come about by ordinary people courageous enough to claim the challenge of leadership. We believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. And we are convinced that one person with a passion can change the world!

Beginning in 2015, we are proud to partner with the entire County family to continue the legacy of featuring inspirational speakers, interactive break-out sessions, book signings, meet-and-greet sessions, and exhibit booths.

The success of our conferences so far reinforces what we have known all along - that many of us, at some point along the way, will be faced with a cause dear to your heart that will compel you to ignite change. Our goal is to inspire you to embrace leadership along your journey.

CGI is a Platinum + Gift Bag Sponsor

  • Innovate - Be a part of our innovative experience where we constantly strive to find new and creative ways to be relevant to attendees all in a beautiful and interactive setting.
  • Learn - Gain valuable knowledge from inspirational leaders in government, business, and community as they share their path to leadership.
  • Connect - Network with 900 participants, award-winning authors and dynamic speakers in break-out sessions and interactive workshops and build strong professional relationships that will benefit you and your organization.

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