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The Federal Government has thousands of databases with petabytes of information that needs to be protected. It also needs to be shared and accessible to people that need it to do their jobs. Sharing data without jeopardizing its integrity IS possible, when Blockchain is implemented in the right way and under the right circumstances. Blockchain uses distributed ledger technology, which decentralizes the storage of data and spreads it across multiple organizations. This makes sensitive data more secure, since a cyber-attack would need to target potentially millions of computers. In addition to improving cyber security, blockchain also enables collaboration and accessibility between partners.

Successful military prepositioning and preparedness requires leaders to accurately locate, track, and fully use all of their resources. The task of ensuring assets are in the right place at the right time, and in the right hands, becomes particularly complex when preparing a modern military force for battle in distant theaters of operation. CGI has supported our DoD clients for nearly 30 years to help solve supply chain challenges. 

At NDTA’s fall meeting, CGI will demonstrate an asset visibility solution that provides a FIAR compliant, cyber-secure, 2D/3D environment with real-time geospatial location services using robotics and sensors to maintain accurate inventory accountability 100% of the time.

Read our blog to see if Blockchain is right for your organization. 

See below for schedule of CGI"s participation at this years US Transportation Command #FallMeeting2020.  

Blockchain 101

This class explains the fundamentals of what Blockchain is and why it matters. It should give the attendee a high level overview of Blockchain and how it can leveraged to enhance business processes and increase efficiency. The class will work to build a foundation of understanding that highlights the benefits of a Blockchain network for a military logistics-based scenario. Don't let your business be left behind as Blockchain continues to evolve and becomes ubiquitous. Instructors are Venkat Kodumudi and Hudson Sutherland on Monday Oct. 5 from 12-1 p.m..

Blockchain 201 

This class will take a deeper look at what technology considerations should be explored before deploying a Blockchain network. The instructors Venkat Kodumudi and Hudson Sutherland will walk the group through an initial network mapping of participants and how the business workflow informs decisions on how to deploy the network. This will help inform executives on what questions they should be considering when looking to build a Blockchain infrastructure. CGI experts will focus on and discuss the specific roles from each of the participants in a Blockchain network framed by a high level business use case (military scenario). Additionally we will touch on the importance of governance and the importance of clearly defining the mission of the network up front and the role of each participant. This course is on Monday Oct. 5 from 2:30-3:30 p.m.. 

Blockchain Lab

This is the capstone event in our three part series that will give the participants an opportunity to walk through the setup of a Blockchain network by starting with the most basic component the Blockchain node. The instructors will build on the lessons learned in Blockchain 101 and 201and continue to build upon the business roles that were discussed. The attendees will be given the opportunity to add a node to an existing Blockchain network which will give them valuable insight into the mechanics of a Blockchain network. Participants will be able to witness transactions and be introduced to simple smart contracts by the instructors who will demonstrate in the last part of the lab. This lab will show how everything comes together while also offering a chance to code in the IDE for those inclined to dig deep. We will continue to integrate and demonstration a number of the items discussed in prior sessions. This course will be instructed by Hudson Sutherland, Mark Thompson and Jay Jemal. This course is on Monday Oct. 5 from 3:45-4:45 p.m.. 

True Total Asset Visibility 

This session is designed to demonstrate a solution that provides a FIAR compliant, cyber-secure, 2D/3D environment with real-time geospatial location services using system agnostic Human System Integration devices (HSI), robotics and sensors to maintain accurate inventory accountability 100% of the time. Using the Marine Corps Prepositioning Information Center (MCPIC) 2.0, we are positioned to provide automated DLMS compliant transactions based on the interaction between equipment and the remote sensors or handheld devices regardless of the reporting WMS or APSR. This automated process is ideal for maintaining accurate inventory accountability and advanced analytics in the high-paced tempo of Military and Government operations particularly during contingency operations or critical times when a cumbersome administrative process detracts from mission related objectives and tasks. Instructed by Paul Mattingly on Monday Oct. 5 from 1:15-2:15 p.m..