In the age of digital, it’s important for payer organizations to understand that today’s members are more than just patients.  They’re healthcare consumers that are making informed choices regarding care and utilizing digital tools, apps, and platforms to make health options based on quality and affordability.

Today, payers should provide a range of services to support a member’s holistic health and wellness needs—fitness, nutrition, education about how the health system works, social support and communities, and rewards and incentives that go along with participating in those activities.

CGI partners with healthcare payers to transform operations and meet rapidly changing demands—from improving performance, efficiency and products, to increasing member engagement and connections with providers. We’re a proven partner for empowering member-centered digital innovation to improve engagement and optimize care.

JOIN OUR SESSION: Wednesday, June 19 at 6:30 PM, Presentation Theater 2

Presenter: David Ott, Sr. Director, Consulting Services CGI Federal

Social Media Monitoring: A Holistic Approach to Combat Fraud, Waste and Abuse
As the health care industry continues to make significant investments in innovations to combat fraud, waste, and abuse, a health plan’s social media presence should not be overlooked. Social media is more than just an information-sharing platform; it has become a new marketplace and a massive data source. The ability to identify, detect, and scrub improper activities and imposter identities on social media — in real time and in conjunction with other solutions — could translate into saved reputations and costs. Join this session to learn about solutions that incorporate a social media protection service as a necessary safeguard to combat fraud and abuse.