In today's digital world, payers need a dynamic defense that can adjust rapidly to emerging threats against their network, members, data and critical infrastructure. CGI helps payers implement balanced controls that protect valuable assets.

Our systematic approach to establishing an overall cybersecurity and risk management framework considers an organization’s unique risk profile and regulatory and privacy requirements. We help client’s articulate governance and policies to:

  • Make smarter investments
  • Identify the costs, benefits, risks and opportunities of deploying new strategies
  • Incorporate technologies and tactics that leverage existing security investments

Our services encompass the governance, strategies, frameworks, development and implementations necessary to create and manage an effective enterprise-wide security program. Key services include:

  • Threat, vulnerability, risk and maturity assessments
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • Security strategies and policies • Compliance frameworks
  • Awareness, education and change management
  • Security improvement programs

Enterprise cybersecurity is a part of everything we do. We assess the risk and protect the business, allowing your organization to operate with confidence. CGI improves the overall security position of the organization across the enterprise, helping you to secure data and remain in compliance with industry regulatory guidelines.

Through the integration of Cyber and Privacy Risk assessments and remediation efforts in several of our implementations, our goal is to reduce the enterprise risk for our clients, while supporting the business needs and regulatory compliance requirements such as NIST, CCPA and GDPR.