This overview presents our clients’ trends and priorities for digital transformation, as well as CGI’s value-based strategy and roadmap approach for helping clients become customer-centric digital organizations. It’s part of our digital transformation series.
Learn about CGI’s Digital Day and how you can collaborate with our digital experts to gain insight on your digital transformation strategies, challenges and opportunities.

A good strategy begins with a clear goal, and outlines specific actions to achieve that goal. Leading organizations evaluate approaches to achieving their goals in light of digital technology, innovation, and the evolving expectations of its customers. Realizing the promise of digital requires rethinking value-creation. It requires a continuous state of innovation, change and agile operation across three areas—organization, business model and technology.

Every organization is at a different maturity level. CGI’s strategy and roadmap approach helps clients:

  • Set a clear vision
  • Understand internal and external environments
  • Set ambition and identify interventions
  • Innovate and design solutions
  • Execute strategy
  • Reflect and enhance strategy

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