Today's healthcare consumers are making informed choices about their care - both qualitative and financial. With the digital health revolution well under way, payers need to adopt a transformative mindset to effectively utilize digital health tools to improve their ability to engage with members. A foundational requirement on the road to digital transformation is having a modern, agile IT infrastructure. Our Lean Agile DevOps (LADx) pivot framework helps payers achieve transparency and alignment in delivering innovative solutions.

Bringing rigor to agile with the LADx pivot framework

We partner with healthcare payers to build and align programs to deliver solutions and services with faster time to value. We bring strategy consulting, design thinking, and deep technical expertise to drive innovative and measurable results for our clients.

Our LADx framework helps organizations understand business complexities and design solutions from the earliest stages of a project. When we apply our LADx framework to teams working on strategic programs, we see increased communication, adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement and rapid and flexible responses to change. This ‘agile at scale’ approach enables and supports digital transformation by maximizing opportunities for product innovation and team performance.