DSM – Achieving operational excellence through MES

"The vision of MES at CGI is perfectly suited for the needs of DSM. It is also one of the reasons why we selected CGI as a strategic partner. We have 140 plants throughout the world and a lot of them with similar needs. With the help of CGI, we can capitalize on the similarities and have a sort of multi-plant rollout in which we use applications developed for one plant and copy them on another plant in a very effective manner."

Alex van Delft, global competence leader, DSM

Manufacturing execution (MES) are essential to automate machines, production lines and ERP systems. These systems link up processes and are crucial for enabling operations to run without a break and for achieving operational excellence.

DSM wanted to outsource its MES competence. The decision was a big one for the company. It was looking for ways to improve operational excellence and focus more on its core business. At the same time, employees needed to have a safe and favourable working environment, unaffected by the changes around them.

The Challenge

To achieve these targets, DSM needed to standardize processes and systems. It was also looking for a partner that would be a good employer for the internal team managing its MES systems at that time. No matter what, the interests of these employees had to be protected, along with their intuitive knowledge of DSM processes and IT systems. DSM had to be convinced that this transition would happen just like it wanted.

The Solution

Our business consultants developed a manufacturing IT strategy for DSM. We also came up with an MES blueprint for various business processes, such as base chemicals. These systems have been set up in more than 40 plants, spanning from Chile to China. CGI's competence center (MESCC) in the Netherlands has taken charge of the maintenance and management.

The Results

The partnership has been working well. DSM and CGI are well suited in more ways than one—be it technical, commercial or cultural.

Right at the beginning, DSM began to experience desired levels of global service continuity at substantially lower costs. DSM can rely on the data in its MES 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Happy with the results, the company decided to extend the contract by five years. At the same time, the service has grown by 200%.

Employees transferred into the MESCC have been eased into the organization. The journey has been smooth because of the many retention initiatives by CGI to make them comfortable and well received. They can work from conveniently placed offices averting the need to relocate.

DSM's manufacturing community also benefits from expertly-managed ICT security, regulatory compliance, service management, and enterprise architecture.

Why CGI?

We take our role as a business consultant very seriously. We identify opportunities for improvement and help you decide how systems must be set up and supported.

We have a flexible, collaborative culture. Our experts have been helping manufacturers turn challenges to advantages for years. Our local teams stay close to our clients, while working with CGI's global delivery network in low cost locations like India and Morocco.

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Note: The project referenced in this case study was delivered by Logica, which CGI acquired in August 2012.