Predict, propose, and prioritize your investment decisions to extend the life of your assets.

For Transmission and Distribution (T&D) utilities, maintaining your current assets, building new infrastructure due to rising demand, or managing regulatory requirements are just some of the variables to consider when evaluating your asset strategies for long-term financial optimization.

The CGI OpenGrid Asset solution incorporates innovative Asset Investment Planning (AIP) capabilities to help meet these challenges and ensure your maintenance, repair, and replacement decisions are grounded on actual asset conditions and the criticality to your operations.

Strategic asset investment planning

Utilities seeking to build more robust investment cases need a better understanding of the financial implications of different asset management and investment strategies.

CGI OpenGrid AIP considers multiple conclusions based on cost, quality, and other critical success factors to help mitigate risks, boost performance, and generate sustainable investor returns through more effective asset investment. CGI OpenGrid AIP provides a sophisticated set of decision optimization and analytics, including:

  • Unlimited generation of asset investment scenarios.
  • Comprehensive set of risk, investment, and prediction tools.
  • Seamless extraction of operational data to assess risk.
  • Automatic initiation of investment projects and associated work requests.
  • Optimized automation of DIMP and TIMP decisions.
  • Extensive library of asset decision-making models.