The best data analytics strategies accelerate outcomes by strategically aligning initiatives to business value. CGI's dynamic data-driven storytelling tool allows your data and analytics strategy to quickly adapt as business and customer priorities change.

CGI’s Data2Diamonds framework brings business value vision to life. We use best practices, proven frameworks and tools to accelerate the development of your value-driven data analytics strategy and ensure achievable results.

Our business alignment and data analytics strategy solutions cover vision and value creation, critical information and assessments, and strategy and roadmap creation.

Vision and value creation

Having a vision for data analytics and pursuing the right initiatives determines the success or failure of a transformation effort. CGI’s Value Creation Framework strategically aligns initiatives to business value and identifies what data and analytics can do for you.

The initiatives that drive the most improvement are ones that align with your business drivers and improve your key capabilities. Focusing on the critical information needed to make strategic and operational decisions.

Critical information and assessments

Identifying both internal and external information critical to your organization with a critical information map is a key enabler for business success.

CGI’s maturity assessments help you understand which capabilities to focus on to transform your organization from being ad-hoc and tactical to being strategic and optimized about data and analytics.

Strategy and roadmap

The best data strategies accelerate outcomes by strategically aligning initiatives to business value. They allow data and analytics to adapt as business and customer priorities change; they help identify the maximum value with minimum scope; and they deliver initiatives that result in an ROI and not the initiatives that don’t. Best data strategies factor in the role of critical information and data for strategic and operational decision-making.

Our dynamic data-driven storytelling tool is used to define, capture, monitor and manage the strategy and roadmap.

Experience the benefits

  • Improve decision-making: Access fast insights from data and analytics to make better-informed, cost-efficient decisions and drive business value.
  • Drive business innovation: Unlock the value of data with advanced analytics to create growth opportunities, enhance customer or citizen experiences and drive innovation.
  • Discover efficiencies: Increase performance and operating efficiency with a data-driven allocation of computing resources and DataOps that takes an automated approach to data and processing.

Why CGI?

  • We have successfully delivered thousands of data and analytics services and solutions for clients.
  • Our global practice includes over 5,500 CGI experts in data and analytics solutions. This worldwide community applies our Data2Diamonds approach with clients and partners every day.
  • We have developed many enterprise-level cloud data platforms.
  • Data2Diamonds provides an active knowledge base for clients, partners and CGI professionals. This framework is part of our overarching “Value in Motion” approach to help clients become sense and respond organizations.