As biopharma organizations begin to see positive clinical data and regulatory feedback to indicate the potential of a product launch, their biggest challenge is transitioning from a pure R&D organization to a commercial entity.

Suddenly there is a ramp-up of organizational functions and business processes, requiring business technology infrastructure to support various activities and collaboration locally and globally. Time, resources and budget drive a lot of decisions. Leadership teams often lack strong start-up experience, and hence the road to commercialization can seem a daunting task at times. 

CGI’s digital infrastructure services provide an end-to-end assessment and mapping of the business technology roadmap. And with several partners, CGI also supports the stand-up and integration of systems and tools to help the organization prepare for commercialization. Guided by years of experience working with biotech and pharmaceutical companies' business technology initiatives, we provide business and IT expertise to recommend the best fit commercial IT roadmap for the near and long term, considering portfolio growth.

CGI is uniquely positioned as an end-to-end Life Sciences solutions provider helping clients transform their business processes and digital platforms…to succeed in a patient-centric, connected health ecosystem and improve patient outcomes.

  • An experienced team: We have over a decade of experience with over 80 life sciences companies, assisting a number of them to stand up or improve their digital infrastructure.
  • Strong partnerships: CGI is a vendor-agnostic partner with many software and hardware organizations across the globe to support and tailor your needs with efficiency.
  • A tailored approach: We understand the variables that go into structuring and standing up an IT infrastructure. We ensure that requirements are tailored to the program's specific needs and aligned to your company's strategy.
  • Holistic business and IT expertise: We have experience across a broad range of functional areas within a life sciences company, from R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, commercial operations and regulatory compliance, to the corresponding data and information systems used by these groups.


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