Product launches are one of the most complex programs for life sciences companies, especially for emerging biotech's bringing their first product to market. Let us help ensure your one opportunity for a successful launch.

In addition to the complexity of the launch itself, transforming an R&D company to one with commercial capabilities adds even greater challenges with new organizational structures, business processes, business partners, commercial culture manufacturing and other external partners.

CGI’s Commercial Launch Excellence service provides a proven approach and toolset for planning and executing successful launch programs. Guided by years of experience working with biotech and pharmaceutical companies in commercial launch initiatives, we provide expertise, methodologies, tools and templates and the confidence to successfully execute your product launch. 

No two product launches are alike, even within a single company, and there is never a “one-size-fits-all” launch plan. CGI will work with you to develop and tailor launch programs that meet your specific needs based on therapeutic areas, types of products, geographies and partnering strategies for manufacturing, distribution and sales and marketing operations.

CGI delivers a distinctive set of services and capabilities to ensure that launch programs are structured and successful while minimizing the burden on staff so they can focus on the value-add activities:

  • An experienced team: We have over a decade of experience with over 80 life sciences companies and have assisted clients in more than 20 launches.
  • Commercial Launch toolkit is tailored to the needs of launch managers and teams. Our experts will help shape and design a fit for purpose tool allowing users to track project activities, timelines, dependencies, and budgets as desired. It includes an interactive web-based application designed specifically for managing biotech and pharmaceutical product launches. Within our proven framework, we customizable templates fit to client launch scenarios and needs, including tools for program management, launch team governance, enterprise planning templates, activity and dependency tracking, issue tracking and risk management, KPIs, dashboards, alert and budget planning.
  • A tailored approach: We understand the variables that go into structuring and executing effective launch plans that are tailored to the specific needs of the program and aligned to your company’s strategy.
  • Holistic business and IT expertise: We have experience across a broad range of functional areas within a life sciences company, from R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, commercial operations and regulatory compliance, to the corresponding data and information systems used by these groups.