Like many other employers, CGI has been dramatically affected by COVID-19 and the impact on business, workplace and employees.

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe workplace and the obligation to keep employees safe while adhering to emerging COVID-19 workplace regulations.

CGI is no stranger to quickly addressing pressing challenges as they arise. We are able to rapidly pull together a team of experts from our health, security, cloud, delivery, and partner network to with speed and agility. Building on our successful vaccine management implementations and leveraging native capabilities of Salesforce, we have packaged a secure, feature-rich, practical, and flexible solution that can be deployed quickly to assist employers with vaccine and testing verification regulations: CGI Vax Verification.

Why our solution?

Modular components

CGI Vax Verification includes modular components to provide robust functionality that employers need. Integration with employer human resources or ERP systems is an essential part of the solution to load employee demographics. Other components include email integration, record storage, analytics, and integration with state and federal immunization registries, if needed.

One centralized platform

Our solution allows you to manage processes at scale and quickly visualize employee status, office compliance, and target specific groups (not the entire population) for follow-up, periodic test result data collection, etc. Design thinking principles provide a straightforward, branded experience to allow employees to move through the process quickly and administrators to have holistic views of data with dashboard drill-downs for specific details.

Designed to scale

A flexible design recognizes that change is a constant, and allows for configuration of additional functionality, new requirements, expansion as company profile changes, additional integration points, updates to address new requirements as well as net new use cases throughout the organization.

Built for rapid implementation

Time is of the essence – employers must act quickly to comply with OHSA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) or face a penalty. CGI’s solution is built with rapid deployment in mind. Outfitted with core functionality, CGI’s AdaptiveSI implementation methodology enables teams efficiently configure and deploy within weeks not months. You will be ready with CGI Vax Verification.

Download our CGI Vax Verification factsheet to learn how it works.