The global pandemic has forced organizations to very quickly adopt new ways of working, as they adapt to new customer behaviors, workforce productivity challenges and supply chain disruption. But the pandemic has also created a pivotal opportunity to address fundamental, longer-term improvements in how organizations interact with customers, suppliers, governments, and citizens -- an opportunity to truly transform how they run their business.

While industry experts have been talking about digital transformation for many years, stories about true, enterprise-level results are rare. Data from the 2020 CGI Client Global Insights* report sheds light on why.

For the sixth year in a row, and even in light of the global pandemic, clients ranked “becoming digital to meet customer expectations” as the top trend affecting their industry. However, only 12% of clients are seeing results from their enterprise digital strategies.

In 2020, 46% report that digitization has a high impact on their organization’s business, versus 38% in 2019. For some organizations, producing desired outcomes is simply a matter of time. But digitization is more important now than ever. So what exactly is hindering the progress of most organizations and what can they do about it?