Blockchain’s time has arrived, as the federal government is open to adopting emerging technologies as part of its ongoing digital transformation. CGI understands the power of blockchain in reimagining the way government delivers critical services, prevents waste, fraud and abuse, fosters collaboration and spurs economic development.

A cryptographically secure distributed ledger technology, blockchain enables a new age of data storage and sharing. Blockchain enables data to be transparently accessed by many participants, in an immutable, irrefutable way. Applied widely within the financial services sector today, blockchain offers significant potential for innovation across a broad spectrum of government use cases.

At CGI, we take a practical, mission-driven, technology-neutral approach to blockchain. We recognize that introducing new concepts such as blockchain requires a redesign of traditional business models to better enable trusted data sharing, as well as the technology itself.

CGI has successfully blended our domain expertise and blockchain knowledge for proofs of concepts for a variety of public and private sector clients.