A profound and radical change to the traditional banking model is underway, with boundaries and roles blurring among existing firms.
Everything is moving towards instantaneous speed and completion, while regulators are busy playing catch-up with innovators.

New players are entering the global marketplace with the introduction of the open API economy. Creativity, coupled with data and innovation, now have the right conditions to flourish. While some banks are thriving, others still grapple with how to interact and succeed in today’s digital world.

At CGI, we have more than 11,000 banking experts developing and implementing technologies and business processes that will shape tomorrow’s banking marketplace. We are working with the world’s leading banks, helping them transform their businesses and carve out their paths in the new world of open banking.

CGI believes there are four critical components required for banks to compete successfully in the future. Read our brochure to learn more about these four components and our work in driving banking transformation.