My life and experience at CGI has been heavily reliant on data-driven decision making. Working in CGI’s Emerging Technologies Practice, specializing in data, analytics, and artificial intelligence, we frequently leverage data to solve unique business problems in partnership with our clients.

Our clients typically use data science and advanced analytics to help make better business decisions based on prior data to uncover actionable insights, which we call data-driven decision making.  Some data science methodologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, provide outputs from which anomalies or patterns can be detected that might not have seen previously in traditional reporting or business intelligence methodologies. 

I take great satisfaction in innovating with my colleagues and clients using emerging technologies to help solve long-standing, high-value business problems. It’s both challenging and rewarding to find ways to make emerging tech fit the specific needs of a client. Whether it’s a civilian agency or a defense agency, they all have unique missions. Emerging technologies allow CGI to continually innovate to help solve the problems encountered in the course of carrying out these missions. 

Joining CGI: a data-driven decision

The decision to join CGI was also data-driven, although not in the hard-numbers quantifiable way. Government and consulting have always been in my life because I grew up in the northern Virginia area, close to Washington DC, where many people either work for the government or are consultants.

Entering college, I didn't know that I wanted to work in the technology space. I graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and did a lot of coursework in Quantitative Social Science. My studies provided me a great foundation for starting a career in data consulting, where many methodologies and frameworks are rooted in statistics and mathematics-based principles.

Cameron Skaff at the U.S. Capitol

During college I interned at CGI twice in strategic operations. During my two internships, the combination of innovative problem solving and experiencing how CGI uses technology to support internal and external stakeholders, really opened my eyes to the IT consulting world. The problems CGI works together with clients to solve, thoroughly enjoying the people I worked with on a daily basis, and the fast-paced environment of emerging technology consulting really made interning at CGI enjoyable. It was because of CGI’s culture and overall mission, deciding to start my career with CGI was an easy choice. I have since been with CGI for 3 years, and this viewpoint still holds true.

Life at CGI

When I first joined CGI, I didn't really understand why they called employees members. Now that I've been here for three years, I’m starting to understand. We work hard to ensure we are delivering to our clients, but we also ensure we are delivering to ourselves. The passion that everybody embodies to continually grow CGI and to solve problems for our clients allows us to all be members of the company. We are all in this together. It is our combined effort and commitment that drives CGI forward. Therefore, there's no me, you or even us; it's really just CGI as a whole.

CGI also provides a great work-life balance. CGI embodies a cultivating culture where other members help you become a better employee inside and outside the office. I think this also leads to improved innovation. Members are continually empowered to learn, research, and test new technologies. I think this leads to innovation too—solving problems for clients might entail a different approach to the solution than the client has thought of. This can come by leveraging different data sets or different methodologies to get at the root of what they’re trying to solve. Working as part of a collaborative and supportive team provides the kind of trust and confidence people need to explore new ideas. 

Over the past few years, my team has had the chance to research and develop many prototypes around advanced analytics and data science. Technology is evolving every day and CGI’s encouragement of continual learning and R&D is an integral part in member’s personal growth and CGI growth as a whole.

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