The challenge
Scotiabank, a global banking and financial services leader, was conducting its Canadian retail and small business debt collection operations using multiple, disparate collections systems. Customer service was hampered by the many manual and account specific processes the systems required while upgrading the custom code on the bank’s out of date platform was both time-consuming and costly.

Scotiabank needed a single, secure platform solution capable of introducing new levels of operational efficiency and effectiveness while eliminating expensive upgrades. The solution also needed to be flexible to meet its new collection and recovery business needs.

The solution
Scotiabank moved its retail and small business collections operations to CGI Collections360, a flexible managed service platform providing application, infrastructure, security, hosting, maintenance, and monitoring. CGI’s training and on-site conversion support helped to ensure a virtually seamless transition.

Results to date
Scotiabank implemented the CGI Collections360 platform in just 15 months, with little disruption to its collections operations. The platform has proven to be stable and secure.

Unlike the bank’s previous platform of mismatched systems and software, CGI Collections360 is kept up to date through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Operating with a single, upgraded platform has enabled Scotiabank to increase its productivity through real-time routing, automation and other capabilities. Scotiabank has also benefited from CGI Collections360’s customer-centric design, highly configurable workflows and segmentation, high volume scale-up, on-going innovation and new releases.

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