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Why the game has changed for E-Business Suite customers

With the general release of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12.2, and the changes to support timelines for the various recent releases of EBS, now would seem like a good time for companies using Oracle EBS to reevaluate, or at least re-validate, their applications strategies.

And adding in the continuing development of Oracle’s messaging and direction of travel around Fusion applications, the so-called “Edge” applications (such as Hyperion and Demantra), and Cloud deployment models, the opportunity to re-evaluate looks even more timely.

This paper offers CGI’s view of what these various developments might mean for a company’s EBS strategy, and the type of factors that should now be considered as part of re-evaluating that strategy.

Applications: the word from Oracle

As has been widely publicised and discussed, Oracle’s recommendations to their applications customers (not just for E-Business Suite customers), in particular in the light of current and future Fusion Applications availability, are to:

  • Upgrade to the latest release of your current product investments. New releases across all product lines deliver additional business value and keep you current on technology.
  • Consider standards-based Oracle Fusion Middleware for new integration, portal, content management, and other projects. Developing nextgeneration skill sets and expertise in your organisation will give you the maximum flexibility and help reduce IT hiring and sourcing costs.
  • Evaluate Oracle Fusion Applications modules that can provide value alongside your existing applications portfolio.

This paper gives CGI’s view of the implications of each of these general recommendations, and of related questions around cloud hosting opportunities, for the future of Oracle EBS, specifically in the context of existing EBS customers.

In conclusion….

Many EBS customers have stood fast on pre-R12.1 EBS versions while they wait for Oracle’s Fusion Applications strategy to evolve. Now that strategy has clarified around the concept of co-existence rather than wholesale replacement, and the support timelines for pre-R12 EBS versions have also evolved, planning for the long term future of their EBS investments will be back on the table.

With the long term R12 support timelines, clearer commitment from Oracle to continue to invest in and develop EBS, and greater opportunity to build a businessled justification for an upgrade, our view is that now is the time for EBS customers to reconsider their applications strategies, and more specifically to evaluate upgrading to R12.2.

What CGI can offer

CGI have a number of market offerings aimed at the three strands of Oracle’s applications recommendations, addressing EBS upgrades, and Fusion Middleware and Fusion/Edge Applications adoption.

Related to all these strands of Oracle product deployment, at CGI we also offer an Oracle License Optimisation service to identify and recommend activity to ensure compliance and to minimise license and support costs.

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